We are Blue Ridge

Creating a positive impact for all we touch so that we leave each community better than we found it.

BRC History

Our Home is your Home

The Blue Ridge Parkway provides the inspiration for Blue Ridge Companies, formed in 1997 in the heart of North Carolina. Founders David Couch and Chris Dunbar drew their inspiration from the determination and perseverance of the engineers who built the viaduct along the mountain. Those engineers creatively solved the challenge of navigating the mountain while maintaining the natural beauty and integrity of the mountains. For the Blue Ridge Parkway, the philosophy of creative compromise resulted in a beautiful piece of engineering, and an award-winning bridge. For Blue Ridge Companies, this same philosophy has resulted in strong relationships and success within our industry, and an award-winning company. David Couch and Chris Dunbar envisioned a company that could integrate all phases of real estate - development, construction and management in order to operate more efficiently on behalf of its clients. They believed this synergy was the key to optimizing a real estate investment and they made it the primary focus of their company. Blue Ridge has been able to utilize creative solutions in order to solve the challenges that face our partners and clients in the industry for more than two decades.




Blue Ridge Companies works hard to make a Positive Impact in the communities we serve. Whether supporting our local food drives, Toys for Tots, Veterans’ Affairs, or Special Olympics, Blue Ridge has an active commitment to making a difference in our communities.

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Our Leadership

  • David Couch
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Chris Dunbar
    President and COO
  • Wesley (Wes) M. Stallings
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Roger Sullivan
    Chief Accounting Officer
  • Susan Passmore
    Executive Vice President
  • Deanna Jones
  • Fred Kicsak
    VP-Maintenance and Service
  • Gina Carter
    VP-Portfolio Operations
  • Jim Grdich
    VP-Development and Construction
  • Nikol Edwards
    VP-Marketing and Promotions
  • Susan Watts
    VP-Human Resources
  • Terry Ragland
    VP-Property Management
  • Johnny Webster
    Director of Construction
  • Shana Golladay
    Director of Education and Training
  • Tom Flanagan
    Co-Director of Development
  • Matthew Dunbar
    Development Associate
  • April Vasta
    Regional Manager
  • Courtney Wood
    Regional Manager
  • Deidre Quick
    Regional Manager
  • Jeff Reep
    Regional Manager
  • Jennifer Hewitt
    Regional Manager
  • Kimberly Wooten
    Regional Manager
  • Stephanie Moran
    Regional Manager
  • Connie Vinson
    Commercial Property Manager
  • Fallon Gumhold
    Regulatory and Risk Manager
  • Kim Langlois
    IT Manager
  • Laura Harrold
    Employee Benefits Manager
  • Max Willey
    Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Tammy Oglesby
    Revenue Manager
  • Kathy Hayes
    Senior Accountant